The NSU Dean’s Council recently composed “Academic Prioritization Summary,” a document that “categorizes academic programs based upon self-study data collected over the past 18 months” (Provost Martin Tadlock).

One of the imperatives listed on the summary states that “[a]ll major programs will develop/define measurable learning outcomes (and in all graduate programs) and all graduates will be assessed on those learning outcomes prior to graduation (major field exams, performance assessment capstones, portfolios, licensure exams/tests, etc.). ” Additionally, NSU “will move towards electronic portfolio requirement for all NSU students over the next 3 years.”

The transition will actually be easier than one might think (sounds fun, actually ;-), as one of the features that will be available when Blackboard 9.1 is installed at NSU this coming Fall is a built-in ePortfolio system. Below are a few screen shots from Bb 9.0. Click on the images for a closer view.

The Tools Page – Portfolios Homepage is located top of right-hand column:

Here’s the result of clicking on that “Portfolios Homepage” – where students can “[c]reate and manage personal Portfolios and Artifacts”:

And after clicking on the “My Portfolios” link, located top left –

Result of clicking on the “Create Personal Portfolio” tab, located top left:

Click on the Style tab to personalize – including layout, background color and optional insertion of an image:

The future looks promising :-)


Thanks to the Tulsa World for highlighting this one:

*Image accessed via The Washington Examiner

If you look closely and up high, you’ll see that each of the buildings at NSUBA is adorned with new signage. Thanks to all for this wonderful New Year surprise :-)

Someone I know and love well gave me permission to repost this excerpt from her eJournal. I hope it makes you as optimistic about the future of the iGeneration as am I :-)


So I made this thing.

(click for full size. or, if you’re particularly adventurous, print size)

As you can see, that is Brandon Flowers, and it says “YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!” Each tag says “I AM AWESOME!!!!” and are meant to be ripped off, like those advertisements with information on tags on the bottom.
I taped it on the door to the jazz band classroom this morning, with all twelve tags on it, and when I went to jazz band class about an hour and a half later, it looked like this:

I stood outside talking to a friend, and saw someone walk up to it and take one, saying something good (I forget what exactly) but he liked it. I saw another person take one, but he didn’t say anything.

I went inside, set my stuff down, went to the bathroom, came back, and found this:

Then after class (about 45 minutes) I come out and find the entire thing gone.

Then, in my psychology class, about two hours later, I saw someone with one of the tags. He was talking to the girl next to him saying “You are awesome! See?” He seemed to be real happy about it.
I talked to my sister after school (who has guitar class in the jazz room first period) and she told me some guy took one and was really excited about it.

Made my day.

Edit: Here is my creep-shot of the guy in psychology with the tag:

Let’s just hope he will never stumble upon this page.

On a cold winter’s night.

The NSUBA Library has been honored yet again this year to display one of the 12′ x 12′ panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. According to the AIDS Quilt Foundation, there were over 5,789 panels as of November 2008.

If you’ve not yet seen it, please come by and do so soon. It’s an incredible tribute. Panels only stay on display in a single location for a brief time. The one pictured below will be removed by the end of this week.