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I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.


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A few snippets from Sir Ken Robinson‘s presentation during today’s forum –

We compose our lives, and we live the composition we write.

  • To be human is to be creative.
  • Everyone has profound creativity, but the establishment in which we live hinders it.
  • Life is not linear, but our education  system is.

We are living in a time of revolution. Our children are facing challenges we do not understand and are not preparing them for.

  • A lot of people don’t enjoy the work they do. They just get on with it and wait for the weekend.
  • Those who love their work say, “This is not what I do. It’s who I am.”
  • Aptitude plus passion is intoxicating. It will drive you.

You can tell if you are doing something you love and have a natural capacity for, because time loses meaning. You are in your element.

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A few snippets from Dan Pink‘s presentation during today’s forum –

  • The whole point of management is compliance
  • Change doesn’t happen from policies and management strategies; it begins with a conversation, as has every great love affair, social movement, historical event…
  • To inspire creativity, let employees [or students] work on whatever they want for a day – as Google has done since inception, gmail being one of the results. Tell them there is no funding for it, nor a paper due, just do it for fun.
  • Give people space for non-commissioned work, as that’s where they” get creative; and the result will be something fun, cool, and engaging.

Pink’s challenge to all in attendance –

Do one thing tomorrow to make things a little better.


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Center for Teaching & Learning Steering Committee
Chair Notes
September 17, 2010



  • Kyla Eden
  • Kip Finnegan
  • Earlena McKee
  • Linda Moss
  • Donna Shelton
  • Rick Shelton
  • Linda Summers
  • Stacy Thompson
  • Zac Thorp

Wimba Collaboration Suite

  • Status – Contract and Sole Source documentation in process. Scheduled to be complete within two weeks. Implementation timeline thus far unknown. Waiting on update from Barbara Brown to determine.
  • Technology – Once Wimba is purchased and available, CTL needs committee members to survey faculty to determine best way to configure classrooms for most effective incorporation of Wimba. Examples include deciding best method to add cameras and microphones, as well as what type and who is responsible for funding and purchasing. Once faculty determine best configuration, CTL will collaborate with ITS for a successful reconfiguration.
  • Interest – Several faculty have asked when the full suite will be ready to use. They are very excited to start using Wimba, both for courses and meetings. One has written a proposal for a CTL grant for a course that will be taught this coming spring semester. Both she and CTL need to know the timeline in order to determine the feasibility and to sign up students.
  • Training – Once the implementation date is determined, CTL will schedule demonstrations and workshops, which will be open to all faculty, staff, and administrators. ITS, as technology support, also need training in order to effectively serve those who call the helpline for troubleshooting assistance.
  • Promotion – How to let NSU affiliates know Wimba exists and is coming. The most successful rollout of Wimba requires a holistic approach. Best case scenario will include ambassadors, steering committee members and those familiar with Wimba, promoting the technology to their colleagues, getting college deans involved, and having Provost Tadlock encourage attendance of demos and workshops.

ITV Classrooms

  • Configuration of ITV classrooms costs around $70,000. Setting up a classroom for effective use of Wimba’s point-to-multiple-point can be accomplished for less than $500, as all that is needed is a camera and microphone.
  • Multiple remotes being replaced by touch screen in ITV classrooms in order to simplify instructional sessions.

Quality Matters

Both Contract and Sole Source paperwork have been completed. Actual payment, however, is still at issue. Unclear as to the current status. No specific rollout timeline as yet.

Open Courseware

Enrollment fee is $500. Unclear as to source of funding. Stacy will contact Susan Perry for clarification.

Learning Community

Rick gave a demo of Wimba Pronto. Linda gave short overview of full suite via her TCC Bb site. Those in attendance were both excited and inspired as to the possibilities. One submitted the draft of a grant proposal, including Wimba, just a few days later. A sampling of sentiments from those in attendance:

  • “Oh, thank you. Somebody’s out there.”
  • “We are getting there. Finally. I’m so excited about this.”
  • “Welcome to education in the 21st Century.”
  • “We should have our next meeting on Wimba. It takes me an hour and a half to get here.”
  • “I’m gonna rewrite my course to include Wimba. You’re gonna help me. Right, Rick?”
  • “Jackson & Tadlock are behind us. Pushing to help us move forward into contemporary teaching.”
  • “I can stay at home and only dress the top part of me.”

Marketing services

Rick created a flyer of CTL workshops, which he shared in both paper and e-copy formats. He has asked committee members to distribute the flyers amongst their colleagues. Place them in campus mail boxes. Tape them to office doors. Send them via email attachment. The flyer will be published on a monthly basis.

Distinction between CTL & ITS

  • Center for Teaching & Learning supports faculty by providing professional development training and workshops, awards and funding for Service Learning, Teaching and Learning Fellowships, Online Course Development Compensation, and resources such as hardware, software, printed material, videos, and instructional design consulting.
  • Information Technology Services provides support for campus-wide computing and telecomputing, including data backup and restoration, administrative support and maintenance of software systems, training in the use of NSU network services and standard hardware and software, administration of licensing for standard software on all university-owned computers.


  • Attendance has been an issue with members of the steering committee for a while, despite multiple surveys to determine the best meeting time. The format of meetings and discussions also doesn’t seem to matter, whether face-to-face, Bb, or emails. It’s nearly always the same members providing consistent input. Those in attendance discussed methods to inspire more dedication and commitment.
  • Receiving requests from faculty for iPad support, but CTL does not own an iPad.
  • CTL sent online submission form to Riverhawks Daily, but item was neither acknowledged nor added to the calendar.

General Comments

  • CTL will help organize and facilitate professional development presentations and workshops in the various colleges, should faculty want assistance. An attempt will be made to find funding for snacks.
  • Faculty’s preferred training method is one-on-one, just-in-time.
  • Though Blackboard has a phone app, Wimba does not.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 1st from 3:30pm-4:30pm.
Locations: BA – E105 & TQ – NET621

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Not the exact phrasing I use when explaining the purpose of the reference page during a bibliographic instruction session, but fun nonetheless:

© Soylent Communications

It is the custom to ornament every scientific work with a bibliography…to prove the author’s competence by showing the mountain of dross he has sifted to win one nugget of truth ~ Laurence J. Peter.

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“They’re smart and they’re funny and they totally get it,” says Johnson, whose respect for librarians grew tenfold when she was researching The Dead Beat, her acclaimed 2006 book on obituaries and obit writers. “They’re not saints, but ethically and morally and every other good way, they’re professionals. They’re good people.” ~ Marilyn Johnson quoted in Author: Librarian, cybrarian appreciation is ‘Overdue’

*Image by Rob Felder, USA Today

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Thomas_Frey© DaVinci Institute

“Libraries are judged by their overall relevancy to the people in their constituency. Much like Google’s approach to calculating the relevancy of search results to individual search queries, libraries need to continually assess the relevancy of the features and functions they provide to the people they serve.” ~ Thomas Frey

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